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Good bye beautiful Samui

Resort in Lamai

18 March

We left the hotel early, so early that Rummana resort packed the breakfast to boxes. After checking in we had time to spend in the airport.

You can truly enjoy the time in Samui Airport. It has no walls, only a roof. So, you can just enjoy the warmth. At the "gate" everybody can enjoy coffee or tea or juice, also the cakes and newspapers are available. Writing that now, I already want to go back, it is World best airport!

So, our time in Samui and Thailand was up for this time. But we know, that we will definitely go back there, because of the friendly people, because of the nature, because of the climate and also because of the cost level.

Points to be shared from our Koh Samui trip:
- you can trust reviews and pictures about accommodations, you can save the time then booking in advance;
- credit cards are not accepted everywhere, you are better off with cash; in main villages it is easy to find ATM-s;
- metered taxi means that taxi driver has in the car the list with prices for all possible roots in the island;
- Grandmother and grandfather rocks, also Big Buddha need morning-light for taking good photo.