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We spent most of the money on train-tickets and accommodation.

Train tickets cost us 636 CFR

Date Destination Cost in CFR
  Half fare card 198,00
16.08.2006 Zurich-Wengen


17.08.2006 Wengen-Männlichen-Kleine Scheidegg 38,00
  Wengen-Lauterbrunnen, return 12,00
18.08.2006 Wengen-Männlichen-Grindewald 53,00
  Grindewald-First return 50,00
  Bus Grindewald- Grund station 4,40
  Grindewald, Grund-Wengen 49,00
19.08.2006 Wengen-Schynige Platte, return 76,80
20.08.2006 Wengen-Zurich Airport 77,60
  Total 636,40

Accommodation in Bären Hotel, Wengen cost us 160CFR per night for double room with breakfast. In two nights we used an option for half-board. The dinner per person cost 20CFR and it was really delicious.

Last night we wanted to have a Swiss Fondue in the restaurant named Eiger in Wengen. The recommendation we got from our hotel was really valid, the delicious fondue with Swiss white wine cost 100 CFR.

At the airport we did some shopping in supermarket Migros. There are several shops in the area of train station. In addition to Migros supermarket there was also several shops for souvenirs, Swiss knives, T-shirts etc.

We bought the fondue equipment for 25CFR and some real good “ready-to-make” fondue cheeses. The price was 10-12CFR per portion for two persons. There is also very good range of Swiss cheese samplers on sale in the supermarket, so do not miss the opportunity – enjoy the views in the mountains and do the shopping in airport.