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Touring Rhodes


In the morning of third day, when we felt that we are already sunburned and seen enough of Rhodes city, we rented a car Suzuki Jimny, took a map and explored the island. Rhodes is quite mountainous. The climate is very dry so that vegetation is sparse and the hills are brownish green. The Mediterranean sea is as deep a blue as you could imagine with bright sandy beaches. The highway followed the coast so the scenery was nothing short of spectacular.

First stop we made at the Tsambika Monastery where we climbed to the mountain. We enjoyed the view and the warm weather. After coming back from the hill, we filled our drinking bottle with the fresh water and drove further.

We also stopped at Tsambika Beach, tried water-skiing and just had fun under the sun. It was great sandy beach.

Ater refreshing ourselves in turquoise blue Mediterranean sea we drove to the very historic place Kameiros. Kameiros is one of the ancient cities of Rhodes, it was built around the 7th century BC. Today, after nearly 3000 years, you can still see the remains of very rich and advanced civilization that existed such a long time ago. Then walking between the ruins and thinking about that, you can feel how the life was at that time. This is a must visit site for history lovers.

After Kameiros our next target was the dreaded valley of the butterflies which is near the village of Kalamonas. This place is invaded by millions of butterflies during July and is a must. To get there we had to cross the mountains by secondary roads. The breathtaking wooded valley with small flowing streams and waterfalls running throughout the valley, is home to liquid amber trees, which from June-September are covered with the yellow and black wings of the butterflies. Landscaped paths, bridges and stairways guide you through the enthralling valley, where we enjoyed a peaceful walk.

For the evening we have bought the attendance in Greek Night. It took place in the traditional Greek Taverna in one of the villages. The evening was filled with music and dance. At the dinner-table we tasted Ouzo, local wine, a three-course meal, plate smashing and lots of entertainment. Also, we learned some steps of the famous Greek dance Sirtaki like Zorba the Greek.