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Marmaris, Turkey


From Rhodes you can take a day trip to Marmaris, Turkey. Fast ferries operate daily, and the journey time is about an hour. Marmaris is one of the major tourist resorts on Turkey's West Coast.

We took this trip. During our stay of approximately six hours we visited old town, village near the city, the beach and experienced the multicolored bustle of the Orients at the Bazaar. The old town and the bazaar are found east of Ulusal Egemenlik Bulvari.

When exchanging currency, you will be a millionaire. You should make yourself familiar with the exchange rates before going to Turkey. But still it is difficult to get used to the currency. For example - paying three million for the ice cream - is it cheap or expensive?

Tourists come to Marmaris for different reasons, but mainly because of the beach or shopping. Shopping enthusiasts just love Marmaris only for its hundreds of shops, boutiques, colorful bazaars and markets. It would be difficult to find a town in Europe, the size of Marmaris with such a large number of shops, clustering along the streets. You can find excellent leather, suede goods and jewellery. The variety of goods and services is truly inexhaustible and attractive also to demanding buyer. If you buy, you should bargain, no matter shop or bazaar.

The tour guide took us to the carpet shop, jewellery shop and leather shop. Carpet shop is worth to visit even if you have no intention to buy one. The show was just excellent and at the end of the show you really feel that you are prepared to buy. It is also common in Turkey that shop offers you tasteful apple tea.

Strolling through the famous bazaar haggling for souvenirs was a great fun, one can find copies of all kinds of clothes, shoes, handbags, you dream of. On each corner and shop, they offer you coffee or tea, a very charming and friendly bunch, and well known for their hospitality. Shopping in Turkey in general is very good value for money.

We also walked at the promenade and tasted the local food. Turkish can make excellent lamb chops. About 6PM we returned to the port of Rhodes with many new impressions.