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Rhodes - Travel diary with photos


A sunny island in Mediterranean

We planned to make a short beach holiday in summer 2001. But we thought only the beach would not satisfy our needs. We had heard a lot about last minute travels; therefore we wanted to try out this option by ourselves. At the second half of the June it already showed that summer is not coming this year to Estonia, so we started to look the last minute offers, as vacation was planned to July.

For future - July is not the best time for last minute offers, because most of the Scandinavia has then vacation. We found a suitable offer from travel agent Aurinkomatkat (Sun holidays in Finnish) to go for 10 days to Greek island Rhodes 7 - 16 July 2001.

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands. The island is shaped like a spearhead and it is 79.7 km long and 38 km wide. Rhodes is easternmost of the major islands of Greece. It lies approximately 18 km west of Turkey, situated between the Greek mainland and the island of Cyprus.

Our journey started with Silja Line quick boat from Tallinn to Helsinki, the night in Helsinki airport hotel Bonus Inn Airport and then further from Vantaa airport with the charter flight to Diagoras, Rhodes International airport. The shuttle bus took us to the Esperia hotel in Rhodes city (20 km from the airport). Rhodes welcomed us with the warm and sunny weather, which was a pleasant alternation to the rainy beginning of the summer at home.