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Sabang - underground river in Palawan, Philippines

Banca boat at Sabang

We had breakfast in the resort’s hand carved restaurant. At 9AM we departure towards Sabang wharf. We only spent two days in Greenviews resort in Port Barton, but those were very memorable and unique. We really did not want to leave and hope to go back there in some day.

This was about 4 hours and 150 km of scenic drive from Port Barton to Sabang. We made some stops on the way. One stop was in the local coffee shop, which also sold fuel. Fuel was in the 2-litre Coca-Cola cans. We also took several pictures of the country-life, how they plow the rice fields with water-buffalos.

In Sabang we took a bump-boat (in Tagalog they call it banka boat) to the St Paul Subterranean Park. We had delicious picnic lunch at the park which was made by the cooks from Greenviews Resort. Monkeys and monitor lizards wondered around the picnic tables, most probably they wanted steal our lunch.

After the lunch we took an other banka boat, which went inside the cave for 45 minutes. The underground river is about 8km long, but tourists are taken to 2km ride because most of the river is off-limits for research purposes. It was completely dark and we saw and heard bats flying around. The bankas that toured the Underground River were equipped with a kerosene lamp placed in front of the boat to light the way while the guide sat at the back to steer and paddle. At this ride we saw strange formations of the underground river. The cavern ceilings were really high.

The underground river is claimed as the longest underground river discovered in the world and thereby declared as a UNESCO World’s Natural Heritage Site.

Then we returned to Sabang, did some souvenir shopping and then a minivan toook us to Puert Princesa to Hotel Fleuris. On the road had a stop at one fish market, which was also and interesting experience.

After the check-in we were taken to a local restaurant for a dinner.

Next morning, after the breakfast at the hotel, the shuttle transfer took us to Puerto Princesa airport for the flight back to Manila. Philippine Airlines left at 10:30AM and arrived in Manila at 11:45AM.

In Manila we were met by Marsman tour van, which transferred us to our hotel.

We enjoyed real privacy on that tour thanks to an almost total lack of tourists in Palawan. I would really encourage people to travel there, despite all those official government warnings about the dangers of the Philippines. The only danger we encountered were coconuts falling from palm trees. People in Palawan are very friendly and at no time did we feel unsafe.


Described as the eight wonder of the of the world...
This is one of my province pride...

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