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Island hopping in Palawan, Philippines

Pump Boat at Palawan

Next morning the weather was very promising and the sea was totally calm. Motorized pump boat with a driver and a guide (who was local governor) waited us at 8AM to go to the cruise around Port Barton Bay and to snorkel in its protected marine sanctuary area. The stop for snorkeling was made at the place called aquarium. In this area marine corals are forbidden to touch but free to look at. Water was crystal clear and warm. It was a good snorkeling.

Then we spent the rest of the day hopping from one island to the other. We visited three islands. Palawan is surrounded by 1000 islands. The boatman and the guide prepared us a picnic lunch on Exotic Island - one of the finest islands in the archipelago. For that they made a fire on the beach and grilled the fish on the natural grate made of banana tree. Rice and salad from fermented papaya (very delicious) was taken with us from the resort. Coconut milk was a drink.

After the picnic they were driving us to the Paradise island. We did not see any houses or buildings on Exotic island, but on Paradise island there were some. We definitely enjoyed the sun and the white sand beaches of the islands and the crystal clear blue sea. Although the weather was cloudy, we burned under the sun.

We returned to Port Barton in the afternoon, relaxed and happy with the day. Then the guide wanted us to show even more surroundings. He took us to the hike in the jungle to one of Port Barton’s hidden falls - Pamoayan nestled in forested hillside.

Hike took about an hour to the falls. The path was leading us through the jungle, it was really hot and no wind at all. Finally, when we arrived at the falls, the swimming in the fresh refreshing water was just everything we wanted at that moment. Swimming in the natural pool at the falls was really romantic experience.

In the evening resort’s staff invited us to the village event. There we got the chance to meet local people and see how the Friday night in such a village looks like. Local people liked then we took pictures of them.