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Jeepney in Manila City, Philippines


Americans were leaving surplus jeeps to locals in Philippines. Filipinos put bench in the back, painted it with vibrant colours and chrome. Jeepney is nowadays a popular mean of public transport in Philippines.


Hi! I would like to ask for your permission to use some of your pictures for a powerpoint I'm making. I belong to an organization called CISV, which has programs that introduce children to the concept of world peace. Delegations from around the world join each other in various camps happening simultaneously in over 20 countries every year. I'll be leaving for India this December and would like to show them images of the Philippines. I found your pics and they are exactly what i had in mind. :-) Would that be alright?

that's is for filipinos only !!!!!!!!!!! XD

Kersti, nice and colorful. A great picture.

Picture perfect! This brings back memories for me. Will you let me use this in my beginners painting class?

Great shot of the classic jeepney, brings back memories.

Wow...speaking about colors...
It really looks beautifull. Good and clear shot, well done!

Hey, I'm writing an article about skylines and jeepneys for my project and I saw this nice photo of yours which is perfect for my topic. Is it possible if I could use it? Thanks, have a good day!

Hi! Great jeepney picture! Can I ask your permission to use this jeepney photo for a report?

Hi, can i use your jeepney photo for a seminar program? thanks.