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Relax at Boracay White beach, Philippines

Photo by Tarmo Soodla


malapit na aku umuwi..and gusto ko mapuntahan toh..

dito sa italy walang ganan.....

wui ang ganda sa boracay sa pictures palang waaaa gusto ku po talaga makapunta ng boracay...walang ganyan po d2 sa UK....hayzzz kakamiss narin po ang pinas....boracay here i come! hahaha...

wow kanice vah ui

wow kanice vah ui

I 've just came back from there( white beach)
It was the most beautiful beach I ever seen in my whole life

is it ok if i will use this picture for my portfolio? maganda kc...thx...


We love to take vacation to boracay, if we have a chance and budget. Last december 26 to 29 we have a second time to spend our vacation with our whole family, we are about 22 pax including our children and old ones.

When we arrived domestic airport in Manila our flight is about 4pm, we expected our flight will in good trip because everything are properly booked including our hotel accommodation and service coaster from kalibo to caticlan then boat to boracay.

Our exodus from manila domestic to kalibo is totally disaster because of the 3hrs delay of our airplane, everyone in the our family are tired especially our children. We reached kalibo about 8pm and we take our coaster waiting for us for 3hrs in kalibo domestic airport, our ride from kalibo to caticlan port is about 1.5 hrs.

We reached caticlan port 9:30pm and we take our boat ticket inside the terminal, there are a lot of locals and foreigners (korean, americans, european etc.) waiting for our boat, we are about more than 300 passengers inside the terminal, suddenly the caller told us that the last boat will be terminated at 10pm and only 40 passengers are accommodated by one boat.

We spend the whole night inside the terminal waiting area with our family and other locals and foreigners, every one take there
position on the chair and on the floor at lobby and hallways just to take a rest or nap for along trip we had. Our hotel booking was cancelled because of what happens in our flight delay.


1. All the staff in the caticlan terminal port are NOT properly well train in this kind of situation, especially in lines of queue. We are tired standing in our lines for about 1hrs. It's shameful for us Filipinos to our visitors in that kind of treatment. How we can promote our nice and beautiful boracay if the system in our port terminal are not well train in the procedure in tourism aspect.

2. The airport terminal 4 in NAIA, airport terminal in kalibo and sea port terminal in caticlan are too small to accommodate a large volume of tourist. We need to upgrade our port to be a world class port in the world and to attract other countries to come back to the Philippines when ever they visited our famous tourist destinations in our country.

All the anxieties in our trips to Boracay our gone when we reached the amazing view of the beach.

Thank God finally I have a nice vacation with our families.

i love boracay!