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Boracay White beach - Philippines

Photo by Tarmo Soodla

Boracay is the best known Philippine tourist spot.


this one is REMARKABLE! i love it the most as well as the beach. you have captured the beach really well.

i miss boracayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...this pix is so so...nice =)

thanx for sharing....

Perfect composition.

Wow nice shot!

Stunning composition and colour. Best in this gallery. Thanks for posting these photos!

Absolutely beautiful! The colors are spectacular.


you should sell this photo to the hotel - they could use it as cover photo for their brochure!! xlnt stuff

What an absolutely stunning shot. I agree with the comment below. You should definitely try to sell this image the resort!

Great shot. Looks like a postcard.

Wondeful photo. It reminded me when I was there. I think every shot I took was a postcard.


I really like this shot. Very good composition.... everything is clean and lines up nicely too. Feels warm.

Wish I was there!

Very beautiful place that i never forget