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Muttrah Souq, Oman

Muttrah Souq, Oman

Mutrah souq is Muscat’s most popular market. It is a well preserved traditional market that has become a popular tourist attraction, selling a heady mix of traditional Arabian spices, fragrances and handicrafts, as well as household goods for Omani families.


Dear Sir;
I am a silver jeweler from Sri Lanka. I make ethnic silver bead jewelry's with semi-precious stones. Mostly popular among European & American Tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Now I want to export the same to Oman so therefore can you please be kind enough to send me some e-mail addresses of people who are doing the same sort of ethnic and cultural silver Jewelery. Hope you will oblige me.

Thank you very much.

Dear Faiz,

Please email me at regarding being a silver jewellery supplier for me.

Kind regards,