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Geiranger - travel Norway by car

Rainbow in Geiranger, Norway

We started at 10AM from Dombås Åndalsnes (ca 100 km). We drove on Trollvegen. Before that we stopped at Trollstigen, which is highest natural wall in Europe. Trollvegen - a

winding road with scenic views takes you up to 870m above sea level. By the roads there are lots of beautiful mountains and falls. We found snow at the Observation Platform at the end of Trollvegen, sun was shining but the temperature was already cooler. Above the point of 1000 meters there was few fauna and it was peaky. Somebody has brought cows to that high to cattle range. It seemed that cows eat snow and stones, there was not much more.

After the short break with coffee and sandwiches in one of the many rest areas we continued Geiranger fjord. At the road we crossed the fjord from Linge to Eidsdal with the ferry (56 NOK). Mostly we drove at quite high on very narrow and twisty roads.

Cows in the snow Twisted road Trollstigen

We arrived at Geiranger village at 4PM. The weather was beautiful and we used the opportunity to take a 1,5 hour boat trip at wonderful Geiranger fjord. I could not agree more with those who call it on of the most beautiful fjords - mountains around the fjord are full of rapid falls. One of them is called 7 sisters; this means 7 falls side by side. The boat trip itself was a great photo opportunity. On the way back to Geiranger village we saw wonderful rainbow. That night we found a hytte directly at the Geiranger fjord for 200 NOK. Also we had a very pleasant dinner at Geiranger harbour. It was very beautiful day!

Seven Sisters Geiranger fjord


I really love the Geiranger fjord! I went there with my family last year and was really astonished by the steep mountains and clear blue water. Consider yourself lucky for finding a place to sleep for only 200 NOK; we had to pay 2200 NOK for three persons per night at the hotel. Found some inspiration on Norwegian Fjords for my fjord vacation, and I will certainly go back. I hope I get to se Sognefjorden next time, looks beautiful!