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Norway - Travel guide with photos


Day 1 - Arrival
We arrived in Stockholm Frihamn with Regina Baltica ferry from Tallinn. The ferry was in time and we passed the customs at 11 AM. So, now we were ready to go. We drove on the road E5. Weather was perfect - sunshine. Swedish red houses were by the road. The courtyards of those houses were very

well groomed by the road. There is no real border between Sweden and Norway. One could only notice that speed limit is different - 90km/h in Sweden and 80km/h in Norway. And of course after border there are no red houses anymore. We drove 640 km and ended the day in Oslo. We took Scandic hotel in downtown (1141 NOK). Also we had time to walk in the old town of Oslo, also we saw the Royal Palace of Norway.

Royal Palace