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North Cape, our final destination

Rocky North Cape

Having had a good night’s sleep in the Midnattsol camping we woke up at 8:30 and had a terrific breakfast in the camping’s restaurant for 65NOK per person we hit the road for the last 13 kilometers. Just as a sidenote - although there are several signs saying that if you want to have a breakfast you must order it a night before, there is an option to buy the breakfast or just a coffee and muffin in the morning.

The morning was cloudy but not rainy. We were delighted with such weather. As taking photos and video is an important part of our travels, having no rain was really important for all members of our family. Clouds were quite low and we drove through several of them. Again, the scenery was beautiful, reindeers and deer at the mountain side with little flora.

At the gates to the northernmost point of continental Europe we stopped to pay the fee. The fee was as high as expected - 195NOK for adult, 55NOK for a child below 15. We were two adults with children of 14, 18 and a seven month baby. The lady who sold us the tickets said suddenly: “I will be kind for you. I will sell you a family ticket. The family is usually 2 adults and two children below 16, but I make an exception for you.” The family ticket cost 390NOK, so she saved us 250NOK. More about prices from here.
The globe of the Nordkapp (North Cape)
We parked our car and went to explore around. The scenery of the North Cape is wild and beautiful. The terrain around the North Cape plateau is full of rock. First we went to the famous Globe, the monument which symbolizes the North Cape. I believe everybody who has been there, has a picture with the Globe. So did we, we took several photos.

Then we went inside the North Cape Hall and looked the exhibitions and visited the cinema for a 17-minute educational film about North Cape. This film runs every hour on the hour.

Also, we bought some fridge-magnets and postcards from the souvenir shop. We used the possibility to send the greetings home to our parents with special stamps from North Cape. And suddenly, when we were in the Post Office, the sun came out! We were very happy and went outside to enjoy the northernmost beauty with the sun and to take the pictures again of course. We found several good angles to see the mountains, the Globe, Arctic Ocean, etc.

At last we visited the Children of the Earth monument. This stands as a witness to the ability of children to work together and understand each other all over the World.

Before going to North Cape we have heard or read several travelogues about North Cape. I do not know why, but several of them have negative or neutral feelings in. For our family this trip to North Cape was full of only positive and joyful memories.

Children of the Earth monument