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A Trip to North Cape - Europe's northernmost point

North cape - Nordkapp

Nordkapp – North Cape 71˚10’21’’N

In June 2006, during our second stay in Finnish Lapland in Sotkaniemi we decided to visit North Cape. We had discussed the idea in two evenings prior, but the decision to go was made very quickly at the breakfast table when finishing the pancakes. In 40 minutes we were ready for a two day adventure with the sandwiches made, clothes for cold weather and baby stuff packed.

We started our 400 km drive at 2PM in total rain. We hoped that the weather by the Arctic Ocean will be better. At the road the weather got only worse, we had moments when the rain slowed down our speed.

As we expected gasoline to be more expensive in Norway we filled the tank at Karigasniemi at the price of 1.42EUR per liter. In the first Norwegian town Karasjok we saw that this was right decision, as here the gasoline price was 12.48 NOK per liter. We had driven 150 km when we reached Lakselv. We stopped to stretch legs in a gas-station when we realized that we are already quite hungry. However, it still rained. Therefore it was impossible to stop in the rest areas by the road. Although there are many rest areas on the way, they are all without a roof. So we had to take the possibility to eat our sandwiches in the bus station. We stopped at the bus station which was meant for one or maybe two persons. So we stood there, two at a time, and enjoyed our lunch. This was a funny experience. Two mailboxes stood by the bus station with names Larsen and Olsen. For us it sounded like a Norwegian cliché.

From Lakselv on, we saw all different means of transportation, most of them having the same destination – passenger cars, tourist buses, motorcycles and even bicycles heading towards North Cape. Driving in the mountain roads in such a heavy rain and cool temperatures must be a big effort.
Finnmark - Norway
It still rained heavily; the temperature was +12 to +14 degrees. Everything around us was quite gray. Some of us had doubts whether the idea to go to Nordkapp was the best one - what if the weather does not change?

Suddenly, some kilometers after Olderfjord, the terrain changed. It was at the Arctic Ocean, where we saw the real beauty of the nature. We could only imagine how terrific it is with beautiful weather. I believe here our suspicions disappeared. This was worth driving even if it was just to see the scenic landscape of North.