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Lyon Photo gallery


Lyon is one of my favorite cities. Thanks for the memory.


Wonderful gallery, Thank you for taking me where I have not been.

Hi I am from Lyon and my curiosity send me here.
Wonderful gallery !! thank you !

i would just to correct a mistake. The photos of the Place de la Republique are in fact of the Place des Jacobins :) The Place de la Republique is 100 meters near this Place.

Bye ! You're welcome in Lyon

Just returned from Lyon. Although not as much sightseeing to do as say Paris, I found Lyon to be very interesting, very safe, easy to get around and the people very friendly - unlike two extremely rude SNCF employees we encountered in Paris. I actually climbed the steps to the Basilica - all 795 of them, phew.... A nice side trip from Lyon is to go by train to Annecy (about 2 hours from Part Dieu station). One of the most charming places I have ever visited.

bardzo mi siê podoba to miasto zauroczylo mnie

Lyon jest przepiekny! Sczegolnie bazylika, ktora wzialem poczatkowo za palac 9jak z Disneya) :D