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Fame, the musical

Fame, the musical

In addition to visiting our friend, the main target this time in London was to see a world class musical. There are plenty of possibilities for doing that in London. We picked this time the musical Fame, which took place in Aldwych Theatre.

We bought the tickets beforehand from Ticketmaster via internet. Buying tickets this way is easy. We received the tickets with regular mail within a week after the purchase. Although later, in London, we noticed that there is always a possibility to buy tickets in the ticket boost in Theatre district for the shows which have been longer running with cheaper price. We saved this info for next times.

The activities of the musical Fame take place in New York's legendary High School for the Performing Arts. The musical follows a group of talented students in their quests for stardom and success as well as in their struggles with romance and other teenaged relationships. The original concept behind this show is over thirty years old. It has been re-written three times for the stage and has also achieved prominence in the 1980’s as a highly successful film and a subsequent television series. The film version gave the world that very catchy little number Fame (I’m Gonna Live Forever!) - a song people will insist on singing a few bars of whenever you mention the title of this musical.

Directed by Runar Borge, the stage version of the classic dance film returned to the West End for a fourth time with its sell-out run at the Victoria Palace. Now it’s dancing its socks off at the Aldwych Theatre.

Congratulations must go to the production team of the show and everyone else who worked behind the scenes to create such a top class performance! There were so many great moments in the show. The cast was brilliant, the set was great, and the overall atmosphere was fantastic. I highly recommend this to anyone interested, it was simply amazing performance.