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Arctic Circle

Rovaniemi is the regional capital of Lapland. It is a delightful town in all seasons: the midnight sun in summer, the riot of colors in autumn, the blue hues at the onset of the polar night, the pure white winter and the atmospheric Christmas season all offer unforgettable experiences.

We were in Rovaniemi in August 2005. Weather was just perfect - clear skies and +23 degrees. We parked our car and went to wonder around.

Arctic Circle is the southernmost line where the midnight sun can be seen. Arctic Circle (Finns call it Napapiiri) is about 8km north of Rovaniemi. The official line is marked here and this is typical "tourist take photos-place". And we did it also!

Santa Claus Village is just at the Arctic Circle. Santa Claus lives hear - everybody can visit him. Santa’s office was very nice place. Everybody of us has been a child and believed in Santa Claus. I think it is worth to go there and see him at least once. Of course it is even more memorable if you are still below ten years old. We sat next to Santa Claus and he asked different questions from us - “What we dream about?”, “Where we are going?” etc. I believe we all had fun. At the same time a photographer took a picture of us, what we bought later as it was really good quality although expensive.

There is also a Santa Claus Main Post Office from where you can send specially stamped letters and postcards. We sent several, and for some of them we used the option that people will receive them only at Christmas.

Souvenirs. There is a pretty good souvenir shop in Santa Claus Village I think the best we saw during our trip. But usually it is hard to buy souvenirs at first stop.

Lunch. There are many cafeterias in the area. We had a combo lunch for very good value - 8EUR per person and it tasted well.