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Short visit to Norway and Arctic Ocean

Trollholmsund, Porsanger

One day we visited Norway and Arctic Ocean. Our objective was to see fjords and beautiful scenery. We were not lucky with the weather on that day - it was really cloudy and even rained a little bit.

We took the road from Inari which takes to Nordkapp. We crossed the border in Karasjok. There is actually border marked and even some custom officials stood there. No actual passport control took place for us although Finland is European Union member and Norway is not.

After the border views changed - landscape was hillier, but reindeer looked similar. We visited Tourist Info in Lakselv to get direction, where and what to see. The area where we were is as far north as the northern coast of Alaska and most of Siberia, and north of most of the settlements on Greenland. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the area is a green oasis in spite of its physical location at 70°N.

The fjord we saw - Porsangerfjord, was not as impressive as we have seen during our previous trip to Norway. Porsanerfjord is the country`s fourth longest, runs out in the North Cape and has world’s northernmost skerries with unique bird life and exiting flora.
Arctic Ocean
We visited Trollholmsund at the coast of Arctic Ocean. The name is given because of the beautiful white dolomite deposits which look like trolls. According to a Sami legend, the white dolomite columns are trolls that were turned to stone because they could not find shelter from the sunrise.

We also had a picnic at the coast of Arctic Ocean. The weather was pretty cold, approximately 10 degrees and cold wind. But the hot tea and sandwiches tasted good. We also tried the temperature of the Arctic Ocean with the hand, it was cold. But it was crystal clear.