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Entering Kingdom Notice

Entering Kingdom Notice
Photo by Tarmo Soodla

By virtue of section 16 the immigration act, B.E. 2522 (1979), the minister of interior issues the following order to identify an alien with "hippy" characteristics:

1. A person who wears just a singlet or waistcoat without underwear.
2. A person who wears shorts which are not respectable.
3. A person who wears any type of slippers or wooden sandals, except when these are part of national costume.
4. A person who wears silk pants that do not look respectable.
5. A person who has long hair that appears untidy and dirty.
6. A person who is dressed in an impolite and dirty-looking manner.

An alien with such characteristics will be prohibited from entering the kingdom. If an alien has the above characteristics after entering the kingdom, he will be immediately deported.