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Oiran and Kamuro in Kyoto

Oiran and Kamuro in Kyoto
Photo by Tarmo Soodla


I have seen the picture Geisha and Maiko in Kyoto on your web page and do not agree with the title.
A japan woman dressed like a geiko but wearing no tabies (socks), having obi attached front of her (and not behind) and with such decorations in the hair is not a Geiko or maiko but a oiran.
And Oiran is a prostitute (very high level).
little girls dressed in red beside her are called Kamuro and are future oiran.
please get more information on this before publishing such picture because today so much people are confused...

thank you

ok, like seriously this IS A TAYU!!! Get it right...eek. Google it. This is a very confusing photo because both of the Tayu in this image are the same lady but it doesn't appear to be photoshoped...oh my...

I take that back, these ladies are not the same. Though they are both the most famous working Tayu in the whole of Japan [there are only a handful left and these ladies are the most popular]. I just got confused because I have never seen them work together before.

o, and by the way Tayu are and alwase were considered to be of a class much much higher then that of the maiko/geiko. While Tayu were allowed to come to the Imperial Palace and entertain the highest ranking samurai, geisha could not. Geisha first came from the pleasure quarters. They were at first but singing girls to accompany the Tayu. Centuries after the Tayu came about and only grew in popularity after the Tayu's numbers started to shrink. Tayu even used to be in the Maiko Odoris but now there are too few around for that, though geisha and Tayu work together with each other and maiko/geiko often entertain at Tayu parties too.

Maybe was it the day of "Oiran Doshu" (oiran parade) that is still celebrated in Japan

That's a woman dressed as an oiran. Do more research.