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A trip to Iceland

We had to decide quite quickly where to go in ten days. We thought that it should not be far away as we only had five days for that trip. We have a general principle that in summer we go to Northern destinations. Shortly we came to conclusion that Iceland would be a good idea.

After booking the plane tickets and buying a new Lonely Planet guidebook for Iceland we started to plan how to get most out of those five days. There is always very good advice available in Thorntree travel forum.

The planning gone difficult when it came to accommodation and car rental. In travel forum many people said that we might be too late with those. We started to realize how small Iceland really is, not so many hotels-motels, car rentals. And the prices are by far different what we have experienced for example in US and more expensive than in Europe. With car it was really complicated to find suitable 4WD, as the number of rental cars in Iceland seemed to be very limited. At the end of the day the result was good - we had good hotels in beautiful surroundings and 4WD Hyundai Santa Fe rented from local car rental RB Cars was just perfect for us.

During the planning we discovered interesting facts about Iceland. For example:

  • Most of the Icelanders check the weather forecast daily (similar to Estonia)
  • Icelanders' names are constructed from a combination of their first name and their father's first name. Girls add dottir (daughter) and boys add son. For example Gudrun, daughter of Jon would be Gudrun Jonsdottir, and would remain so for the rest of her life regardless of marriage.
  • There is an official list of names that Icelanders can call their children. Recently even foreign immigrants had to give them Icelandic names before getting citizenship
  • Beer was prohibited in Iceland until March 1, 1989.


I'm from Iceland and I enjoy your pics and travel log. I will put links to your Icelandic and Filipino pages from my live space. Rgds from Reykjavik - Gudjon Atlason

I do not exactly know how to write you in another way. but I just want to thank you for the very beautiful pictures and the informative and extensive comments you write.
I happened to have worked for a Dutch company in Tallinn/Muuga Port some years ago, and I was so enthousiastic about Estonia in general and Tallinn in particular that I offered some friends a visit there, which indeed they enjoyed very much.
They stayed on the top floor of Sokos Viru hotel, not the best probably, but a magnificant view over the port and the old town. And Amigo's is just downstairs!
And now I am in Oman. Looking for info for my weblog, I found your pictures and comment. Again very beautiful and helpful. My ex-wife visited Oman around Christmas, and we had a very good time. I took the liberty of placing a few of your photo's on my weblog, I hope you do not mind. I made a link to your site too. I wrote before, but I have no idea of this has arrived.
Thanks again and best regards,
Peter Frijhoff

You have some really beautiful pictures of Iceland! I'm planning a trip - hoping to go this August so this is really inspiring :) Thanks also for sharing those interesting facts. I had known about the last name, but not about the "official" list of names. Happy future travels!

Hi there- I just visited Iceland and surfed on to your site. Your photos are lovely and I enjoyed reading your trip report! Keep it up!

I'm going to link to you from my blog as well :)

Really great pictures..
and i think your whole trip also went well .........
and all the images taken in this trip are really superb...

from manchinbele