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Eurotrip 2005 - Europe by car


Summer 2005

Hit the road with us in German autobahns which are famous for being few public roads in the world without speed limits. Dine with us in Provencale Sunday market. And, of course, have a glass of wine with us in Haut-Médoc - home of the most celebrated vineyards in the world.

Our plan was to visit beautiful places in Europe in June 2005. We had a business meeting in Vienna and our planning started here. At the beginning our plan was to see Bayer and a little bit of Alps and may be a little bit of North Italy. But our appetite grew, more the talked about the trip. And finally our plan looked as follows:

  • 20 days
  • 7600km
  • Covers 10 European countries, including the destinations like Venice, Monaco, French Riviera, Catalunya, Pyrenees and Bordeaux.

The plan looked pretty demanding in terms of driving, but included also a possibility to see a lot.


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Dale and Estelle Moritz
Pittsburgh, Pa.