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Tuhala Witch's Well

Witch's Well
Photo by Tarmo Soodla

The Witch's Well in the Northern Estonia karst area is in reality a karst spring that starts gushing forth during the spring floods when the underground Tuhala River can no longer carry on all the water quickly enough. The well is only 2.5 m deep, but under pressure from the river water it can spurt water up to half a metre. Under the pressure the well starts to 'boil', as a result, more than 100 litres of water flow out every second.

A legend says that the Witches' Well will boil when the Tuhala witches are whisking.


Nice shot, interesting subject.

I was there in Winter and the landscape was totally white. I would have neer imagined that this flood could take place. It looks wonderful, I may soon move to Estonia and I will visit Tuhala in springtime. I bet it will be nicer to be in the spot than by pic...and it's an excellent breathtaking pic!

i am estonian