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Nashville, the Music City

Street musician in Nashville

After having a breakfast and morning swim in Howard Johnson motel we drove further towards Nashville. Our main objective here was to see how the Capital of Country Music lives.

There was only 35 miles to drive. We had some flyers taken from the motel, which suggested going to the river cruise on Cumberland River.

When we rented a car we ordered also Hertz Never-Lost navigation system into that. Being completely honest, $81 rent for that tool for 12 days was really good payoff. It saved us lots of time and nerves. The usage of that tool is really easy, you just type in the address where you want to drive and it directs you with the voice of your choice.

We drove to the parking lot at Opry Mills shopping center and bought a lunch cruise on the General Jackson Showboat. The General Jackson Lunch Cruise is a casual, country-themed 2.5 hour cruise that includes a lunch buffet and the show "Now That's Country", featuring Tim Watson. There is a possibility to buy the cruise without lunch and the show.

General Jackson being 300-feet long is the largest paddle wheeler in the world. It is named after the first steamboat operated on the Cumberland River in 1817; it is styled in the grand tradition of the original.

We sat most of the time at the top of the riverboat. There was a band playing good country beat, the sun and beautiful views on Nashville. The audience in America is the best - they go along with the artist. It was just enjoyable to follow it. We really have only best memories from that lunch cruise.

After the cruise we drove to the Nashville downtown, parked the car and walked on the streets of Music city. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. Nicknamed "Music City", Nashville is the home of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. The city of Nashville has a population of more than 500 thousand, with this figure it is the second largest city in Tennessee (after Memphis).

We walked on the Second Avenue and Broadway, entered into Hard Rock Café, Wildhorse Saloon., B.B. King Blues Club and souvenir shops. Good music sounded also just on the streets.

After spending excellent time in Nashville, we still had 500 km to drive to Memphis. It was easy drive on the Interstate 40. Before the darkness we had checked in to another Howard Johnson motel.