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Atlanta and Stone Mountain Park

Centennial Olympic Park

We were flying to Atlanta with Lufthansa via Frankfurt airport. Because of the flight schedules we spent a night in Frankfurt and then in the morning continued towards Atlanta. We did not need to take our luggage, this was checked in until Atlanta. For US flights security requirements are quite high and therefore it was needed to be in the airport two hours before. The plane was full and the queue at the counter was huge. Then it was our turn we were invited aside and the lady said: “Lufthansa proposes you will fly in the business class”. Wow, this was good news for ten-hour flight! There was lots of room for legs and excellent service.

We arrived in Atlanta in the afternoon, took our rented car from Hertz (it was pre-booked) and drove to Days Inn motel. After checking in, taking a shower and changing the clothes we went to see the city of Atlanta. We were a little bit tired from the flight, but also excited because of being back in US and such a good weather.

Atlanta is the “Capital of New South”, internationally it is known as the host of 1996 Summer Olympics and home of CNN and Coca-Cola. Here lives more than 3.5 million inhabitants.

We visited Tourist Info and walked in Centennial Olympic Park in downtown. This park features the Fountain Rings, the world’s largest fountain that uses the symbol of Olympics - five interconnecting rings. It was a pleasure how people with their families enjoyed water jets and picnic areas. The park was guarded with policemen with Segways.

On the way back to the motel, we bought some Samuel Adams and Coors and in the motel we ordered a pizza. Pizza man looked like Eddy Murphy and the pizza was excellent. Our trip has started very well!

Stone MountainAt the second day of the trip we woke up early because of the jetlag. Our plan was to visit Stone Mountain Park. We were at the gates of the park already at 8:30AM. The Stone Mountain Park is a family vacation target in Georgia. Entrance into Stone Mountain Park requires an $8.00 one day parking permit per vehicle. This permit gives you access to the Park's numerous outdoor adventures for all ages including the public picnic areas, hiking trails, walk-up trail and the Laser Show.

The park lies on 3200 acre land and it is situated 16 miles east of Atlanta downtown. The park is famous due to 825-foot (251 meters) high Stone Mountain, which is world’s largest outcropping of exposed granite. The granite has a huge carving of heroes - Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. This carving is not complete, but it still took more than 50 years to make it. This carving with its three acre size is largest in the world, even larger than Mount Rushmore.

We used the sky lift car to go to the top of Stone Mountain. Another option would be hiking. It was really interesting on the top of the huge granite, on the photo it looks like walking on the moon. We attended a tour of self-made tour guide and enjoyed the views possible from such highs.

After having a southern lunch - tasty and nutritious - in the one of the Park’s stylish restaurant, we continued our trip towards Tennessee on the highway 75.

Stone Mountain Carving