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Deep South - Travel guide to Southern States with photos

Route 61

We have visited United States so far three times and always had pleasant memories. Last visit was at 2000 to Connecticut. It is strange that sometimes we have a feeling that we want to go back to US and see something different. We know that this is safe choice and will be pleased again because of the easiness of traveling there.

We have had discussions several times about visiting New Orleans, listening good music there and see the difference of that compared to the rest of US. As from Tallinn and nearby airports there are no direct flights to New Orleans, we started with contacting travel agencies about airfare offers to the close airports - we thought about Houston, Atlanta, Memphis and other cities. The best offer was to fly to Atlanta.

Then we started to draw the route with the help of Streets and Trips. We knew that we want to visit New Orleans, Nashville and Memphis. Also we wanted to relax a little on the beach. It turned out OK, with 3000km (now we should think in miles!), seven states and 12 days.


I'm a student living in Georgia, and I wanna explore Deep South as you guys have done!