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Long weekend in London

Teddy bear, London

Sometimes, lately even very often, the airlines make very suitable offers for taking city-breaks. Also, then traveling with planes, you collect bonus miles to spend and it has the expiry date. As we have already long time promised to our friend in London to visit her and we had bonus miles to spend, we made a reservation and flow to London at the end of April 2005.

Our plan included:
• Sightseeing
• Shopping
• Musical

Our plane landed in Heathrow at 8PM on Friday night. We had clear instructions how to go from the terminal to Earl’s Court tube station where our friend met us. She has a lovely flat in the Victorian age building in Chelsea. Her flat has two rooms and a balcony with the view to the park - West Brompton Cemetery. We had very merry evening, full of meeting joy.

Blonde friend in London


That single photograph in your London collection brought back memories of my own (single) trip. I envy your ability to travel to so many places.

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