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In Arizona, from Yuma to Flagstaff

Near Phoenix

From Yuma to Flagstaff, Arizona
30 September

From Yuma we continued at Interstate 8 until Casa Grande, where we turned to Interstate 17 north. The weather has turned to very hot. Also, the nature has been changed completely compared to what it was at the ocean. We really liked the scenery – cactuses, the desert.

After passing Phoenix we made a stop Anthem Factory Outlets. Here we also had a chance to feel the hot air, we liked it! And the cactuses at the parking place were really hot. The outlet was good as always.

It is about 140 miles from Phoenix to Flagstaff. We made at that trip also some stops. First was in Black Canyon City. This is small town with population under 3000 but I believe in such places you feel how people live and what they do. We stopped for an hour and felt ourselves very comfortably here.

Another stop was made at Camp Verde, the Historic US Military Post. Here we saw historic buildings, furnishings and also spent some time in museum. This all offered us a good insight to the conflict of native Indians and early settlers in 19th century. This place is definitely worth visiting.
When driving closer to today’s destination – Flagstaff, the temperature started to fall, as we headed higher peaks – Flagstaff has an altitude of 7000 feet. Although the weather was cooler, Flagstaff was just a brilliant place to stay at least for one night.

We found the Howard Johnson motel room for $35 and went outside to have a dinner. The motel was just at the Route 66 – most famous old highway between Chicago and Los Angeles.

We had a dinner in the restaurant where the toy-train circulated at the wall, passing the historic stations. After the dinner we went to the Museum Club next door. The Museum Club is a Route 66 icon in Flagstaff. The club was full of happy people, the live music attracted people to dance and sing along. There was very good atmosphere in the club.

We agree fully with those who say that the countryside that surrounds Flagstaff is some of the most fascinating in the Southwest. Here we saw lushness, green forest and also colorful desert. Flagstaff is definitely the place we want to go back, this was very cozy place.


Couldn't you have gotten a better picture than the one in front of an outlet mall? The desert around Black Canyon City is amazing. Next time you should take your car down one of the dirt roads and see what you find.

Thank you for your comment!

I totally agree with you, that much better scenery was available. Unfortunately we did not have a good camera at the time (in 1998) we were there and not all photos came out.

I promise, next time we will be there, quality photos will be shown here.