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One day in San Diego

Shamu in San Diego Seaworld

San Diego
28 September

San Diego is California’s second largest city. It lies just north of the Mexican border. But we did not come here to see the city. Here are also many miles of beaches and a mild marine climate. The annual average temperature is about 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18°C). That’s why we have planned to spend a day here.

We started the day at La Jolla Beach. La Jolla (Spanish for “the jewel”) has European elegance, a sunny Mediterranean climate and some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Although it was end of September, the water was good for swim (what we did of course). And also the sunny weather was good for sunbathing. At one corner of the beach we saw sea lions lying on the sand. We really enjoyed the time at La Jolla Beach.

After relaxing on the beach we went to San Diego SeaWorld. We parked our car for $6 and bought two day tickets for $64.90, we got the discount of $7 for a flyer we found at the add-stand at the motel.

We started our tour in San Diego SeaWorld in stunning huge underwater viewing gallery. This is definitely a learning point; you can see almost all sea animals.

There are several animal shows available, we visited three of them – sea lions, dolphins and also the famous Shamu Show. Shamu is a killer whale and definitely a star of the SeaWorld. The show was really stunning, we even sit near the chairs which were marked “Soak zone” and got a little bit wet. But this was fun, as the weather was hot.

We also attended a ride Wild Arctic, which simulates a helicopter ride to the Arctic. After the ride we arrived at a simulated base station, where we observed polar bears, walruses, and beluga whales. I also enjoyed the Penguin Encounter attraction, where we saw a variety of penguins.

We found the good accommodation this night – Holiday Inn Express, between San Diego and Mexican border, because next morning we wanted to see Tijuana, Mexico.