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Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV
2-4 October

We are not gamblers. I believe we spent in Las Vegas casinos approximately 15 dollars, but still we enjoyed the city. There are so much more than casinos.

Facts. Las Vegas is the most popular city in the state of Nevada and a major vacation, shopping, entertainment and gambling destination. Las Vegas is a very young city - it was established in 1905 and officially became a city in 1911. Las Vegas is marketed as The Entertainment Capital of the World. Las Vegas is commonly known as Sin City, due to the popularity of legalized gambling, availability of alcoholic beverages at any time, and various forms and degrees of adult entertainment.

The hotels give the look for the city. Most of the World’s biggest hotels are located in Vegas. The saying “Large is beautiful” has definitely a meaning here. For example nine Boeing 747s can fit to the atrium of Luxor hotel. The whole Luxor hotel, which is 30-floor replica of the pyramid, is a true imitation of Egyptian architecture. Most of the hotels here in Las Vegas copy famous places and towns. – New York, MGM, Excalibur. We stayed in Tropicana, not the big or famous, but the room was pretty and cheap – 49USD per night for two persons, breakfast included (as we stayed also for Friday and Saturday, those nights were more expensive). But the room charge is not the main income for hotels. Every hotel has a casino in the entrance hall. It even can be said that before you reach the reception desk, you should pass the slot machines.

Why the hotels in Las Vegas are so different from what they are in the rest of the World? The City Guide says that this all started in the head of the chief architect of Las Vegas, who said that hotels must be common place. This is revolutionary as in the rest of the World hotels are private places. In Las Vegas the hotels are places where everybody is invited to enjoy the shows, dance, eat, communicate with others and of course to gamble. You can freely enter to any hotel you like; you do not need to have a room key in order to enter. It is one of the options for the nights – me walked in to several hotels and enjoyed the attractions available.

The main street in Las Vegas is The Strip, 4 miles of Las Vegas Boulevard, that has been designated an All-American Road. Many of the World largest hotels and casinos are located on The Strip. The Strip runs from the Stratosphere at the northern end, to the Mandalay Bay on the southern end. We also “cruised” in the evening at The Strip.

There were shows free of charge. We bought the tickets to the day show and got the tickets to LaCage in Riviera free of charge. It was great show, La Cage features the most accomplished female impersonators in the world, highlighted by Frank Marino as a memorable Joan Rivers, in the cosmopolitan tradition of the Parisian cabaret.

The weather in Las Vegas was sunny and warm. During the daytime we enjoyed the sunbathing at the hotel pool. One day we visited Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is 30 miles from Las Vegas. The Dam is named after Herbert Hoover, who played instrumental role in its construction. Hoover Dam is a concrete gravity-arch dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and Nevada. Most of the people have seen Hoover Dam in James Bond movie Golden Eye where Hoover Dam is one place for actions. We enjoyed going down to the generator level of the Dam. It was interesting to see all in action and also to see the spill water so closely. We also traversed down into one of the original "bypass" tubes where the water was channeled during the original construction of the dam. It was interesting tour to Hoover Dam and definitely worth taking then in Las Vegas.

It is common that then talking about Las Vegas feelings and memories, you will be asked whether you liked this imitation in Vegas. We liked it; this just fits so well to that place. And looking at the number of visitors who come to Las Vegas every year we are not the only ones.