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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
1 October

After the beautiful morning in Flagstaff we continued our tour. Today’s plan was sites in Arizona. As Flagstaff had really impressed us with the genuine and cozy atmosphere, we decided that if we have time and we will miss highways where possible. We started the day at Route 66 and had some more option until Kingman, Az.

First stop was at Meteorite Crater, about 35 miles from Flagstaff. It is said, that this is first proven and best preserved meteorite crater in Earth. If we stood at the crater it was interesting to think that an unbroken plain stretched to that place about 50 thousand years ago. Another interesting fact for us was that this was a training site for Apollo astronauts.

Our main target at that day was Grand Canyon. But in order to get there, it is needed to drive 30 miles from the interstate 89 to both directions. We made a stop at Bedrock City, the home of cartoon heroes Flintstones as the place is just on the way.

We arrived in Grand Canyon Village, parked the car and there it was - The Grand Canyon. It is weird that all the way to it you have no clue it is there. You can not see it as there are trees and hills around. It is so until you are about 20 meters away from the Grand Canyon and then you see it. No photos do it justice, it is just absolutely breathtakingly massive.

The view on the Canyon was awesome. The Grand Canyon is a very colorful, steep-sided gorge, carved by the Colorado River, in northern Arizona. We walked in the park, made several pictures and just enjoyed the view. This one is difficult to describe, Grand Canyon is just something everybody should try himself. Even at the picture it is not even half as beautiful it really is.

After Grand Canyon we drove in silence, as the view in Grand Canyon was so impressive. Instead of highways, we drove on Route 66 again. Here we came to the idea, that at some day we should make a trip at this Mother Road, from beginning to the end, to see more genuine America.

It was getting dark and at one point it was completely dark. And then we saw the lightening ahead, this was Las Vegas – the city in the desert.

We found the room in the Tropicana hotel – beautiful room for $49. In the reception there was an interesting incident. The receptionist asked us “Where are you from?” We really felt tired explaining that we are from Estonia, small country with 1.2 million inhabitants. In America usually nobody knows the country anyway. But this time it was different. After our answer, the receptionist made big eyes and said “My cousin married last week Estonian”.


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